Creative Prefab, the manufacturers of luxurious Porta Huts, is a professional team of qualified Engineers, Architects and skilled labor experienced over two decades in India and overseas for pre fab constructions.

Porta Huts
Porta Huts are prefabricated, ready to install, instant accommodation, wherever you desire to keep.

Porta Huts can be made very luxurious and durable the way individual requires as it is the next best option where conventional construction is either not permitted or not possible.

Dismantling and re-assembling of these structures is very easy and is done on very nominal rates. The components can be easily transported to any difficult terrain and erected/dismantled very fast with ordinary tools requiring no high skills.

These are suitable for the most difficult climatic/physical conditions. We are proud to mention that is why M/s. NBCC has installed our portable cabins (highest in India i.e. at 300' from ground) for NTPC/VSTPP, Sidhi (M.P.) works.

Porta huts are classified mainly in four heads :-



Insulated Rooms/Cabins

Security Guard Cabins

  • Schools
  • Banquet Halls
  • Hospitals/Clinics
  • Computer Centres
  • Conference Halls
  • Hotels
  • Farm Houses
  • Hills
  • Resorts
  • Long Huts