Insulated Cabins / Rooms :
These are designed & fabricated in double layers according to individual's requirements, keeping in mind the durability and elegance with high-class interiors (just to make it a Dream Cottage). Our structures are water-proof, termiteproof, fire-resistant and are also available with permanent finish.

Dismantling and re-assembling of these structures is very easy and is done on very nominal rates. The components can be easily transported to any difficult terrain and erected/dismantled very fast with ordinary tools requiring no high skills.

These are suitable for the most difficult climatic/physical conditions. We are proud to mention that is why M/s. NBCC has installed our portable cabins (highest in India i.e. at 300' from ground) for NTPC/VSTPP, Sidhi (M.P.) works.

Airline's Operational Crew Office inside
International Airport (25' x18')